Boise Central Addition LIV District

Boise, Idaho

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A district wide “Green Infrastructure” is being implemented for the Central Addition Neighborhood in Boise, Idaho.  Using the Portland ‘EcoDistrict’ model, this locally coined LIV (Lasting, Innovative, Vibrant) District will provide stormwater management for the entire neighborhood plus the adjacent streets. The project will also provide district wide heating and cooling for buildings and a non-potable cold water loop for the area.

Broad Street, which travels the length of the Central Addition, will contain the core of the district’s innovative infrastructure. The new Broad Street will use Silva cells to add a double allee’ of street trees in a floating sidewalk, new city code will allow a flexible café furnishing zone and the woonerf influenced traffic pattern will allow the streetscape to play a key role in initiating the area’s renascence. Partnering with ZGF allowed the project to be realized and constructed by early 2017.