Hosteling International - Hawthorne District
Hosteling International - Hawthorne District

Hosteling International – Hawthorne District

Portland, Oregon

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Lando and Associates, Landscape Architecture provided the design components for the Hawthorne Hostel’s ecoroof project, and spurred on the creation of “Ecoroofs Everywhere” which has been pivotal in the development of the ecoroof market in Portland.  Due to its high visibility and success, the hostel has recently undertaken more innovative stormwater facilities to further watershed health.  The hostel was not only the first hotel in the Portland metro area to include an ecoroof, but was also the first to offer rainwater harvesting to its patrons.

Roof runoff flows to a stormwater planter that sits atop two 4,000- gallon cisterns. The hostel uses the water to flush toilets, irrigation and eventually cloths washing. Overflow from the cisterns will water plants on the living wall, then into a vegetated swale for 100% onsite infiltration.  These stormwater management techniques help reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Willamette River by keeping rainwater onsite and out of the sewer system.  The project received a City of Portland’s Community Watershed Stewardship Grant Program in 2001 and again in 2005. program (link)