McCallister Village

Vancouver, Washington

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McCallister Village is a mixed-use project with 50,000 sq. ft. of accessible multi-family apartments plus 6,000 SF of commercial space.  The 2-acre site is in the Fruit Valley neighborhood of Vancouver, a former agricultural area.  A portion of the commercial space is home to the offices of ACE (Affordable Community Environments), a commercial business enterprise and the Boys & Girls Club-Fruit Valley Club, a pre-teen after school program in the community room.

Our site design incorporated 100% on-site stormwater management, play structures, lawns and storage areas for the residents.  Streetscape frontages for commercial development were integrated into the project while garden planters were made available for residents to grow food and flowers. The project borders are planted with edible fruit and nut trees along with a “living fence” for the project that mitigates the sound and light pollution from the neighboring truck distribution center.