Oregon Sustainability Center

Portland, Oregon

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“The Oregon Sustainability Center will be home to Oregon’s leaders in sustainable business, government, and education. It will act as a laboratory for green technology regionally and globally, designed to be the greenest high-rise ever built — sourcing its materials locally, creating its own energy, and collecting and treating its water on-site.”

Lando and Associates, with Natural Systems International is charged with designing and building the ‘waste-water’ treatment and re-use system for the development.  The system integrates storage tanks, mechanical equipment, living wall filters and a composting / soil building systems inside of the building.  A rooftop soil building and compost system will be designed to also provide beneficial and localized habitat to the central city location.

The work also involves integrating the site plaza, light rail line with a constructed wetland and stormwater facilities.  The wetland and stormwater facilities will be publicly accessible by boardwalks and provide educational insight as to how the building collects, treats, re-uses and disposes of water throughout the project.  The design is also able to harvest water from off-site as the Portland State Eco-District comes to fruition.