The Confluence Project: Land Bridge

Vancouver, Washington

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This project is the largest of the seven public art works presented by the National Parks Service to commemorate the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.  Lando and Associates provided design services for the on-structure plantings, rainwater harvesting irrigation system and sustainability guidelines.

The Land Bridge design concept was developed by Jones and Jones Landscape Architecture in collaboration with noted artist Maya Lin.  Illustrating ways to integrate nature and culture, the design includes a 40-foot-wide earth-covered bridge that connects the historic Vancouver site with the river, pulling the land up and over the transportation barrier to reunite people and land with the Columbia River.

A pedestrian path meanders up and over the bridge through native plantings and undulating landforms that respond to floodplain terraces and their corresponding vegetative systems. The path ties into historic circulation routes such as the Klickitat Trail and Hudson Bay Company roads.  Visitors have the opportunity to appreciate the historic sense of place spanning from Native American influence to present activities, while reflecting on our current relationship to the Columbia River.