The Confluence Project: Sacajawea State Park

Pasco, Washington

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Located at the confluence of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, Sacajawea State Park presents the cultural discoveries brought on by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The seven story circles designed by Maya Lin reveal a glimpse into this first cross-cultural meeting.  “As you pass from one story circle to the next, consider how the intersection of the Snake and Columbia Rivers, cultures and communities, and environmental forces have shaped and continue to affect the land around you.”

Working with the team of Maya Lin Studio & Jones and Jones Architecture, our firm provided critical water resource planning and design for the park improvements.  In an antiquated system, water is pumped from the Snake River to be used throughout the park.  Our work required careful modifications of the existing system and strict compliance to not disturb riparian and archeologically significant areas of the park.

In addition to the seven story circles, the project restored critical riparian habitats and began the education process to a culture that has been gathering at this site for more than 10,000 years.