Lando and Associates, Landscape Architecture offers a fresh, humanist approach to urban design. Our designers have emergent perspectives and seek to develop bold and memorable new urban spaces, yet our enthusiasm remains grounded by a humanist approach to urban design. We seek to understand the inherent potential of each site, and to implement well thought-out designs that make urban spaces work. We are guided by an ethic of stewardship, diversity, and sustainability, and it is from this foundation that successful designs will be developed.

Team members at Lando and Associates share a fascination with urban settings and the dynamics of what makes communities work. Although we strive to maintain a broad design vision, we understand that attention to detail is what ultimately makes a design fly. We pay meticulous attention to physical detail and insist on viewing buildings and sites within their larger context.

We will work to create iconic, yet appropriate spaces designed to sustain themselves within the environmental setting and within the financial budget set forth. The project team will present design solutions that respond to environmental conditions and the pragmatic functional requirements of the site. We are confident that we can maintain an exciting agenda of creative exploration while adhering to the very real constraints of budget and timeline.